Pepe (ペペ) is a Brazilian player who plays as forward. He has played in Sao Paulo FC alongside Tsubasa Ozora.


Because of his roots, Pepe hates rich people and countries, as shown with his attitude towards Tsubasa when the two first met. He is reasonable however, as he quickly comes to appreciate Tsubasa after that, and has since become the latter's best friend in Brazil.


Prior to the Battle of World Youth ArcEdit

Pepe came from a poor family in the province of Campo Grande. Since he only had enough money to buy a one way ticket to São Paulo city, he was determined to be chosen to stay in Sao Paulo FC's dormitories and to become a pro to help his family. He met Tsubasa at that selection test. At first, he hated Tsubasa because he was from a rich country, he even considered Tsubasa his opponent, not an ally, despite them being in the same team. However, he soon changed his mind, after seeing Tsubasa's play and knowing his dream to become the best in the world. Thanks to Tsubasa's assists, he scored 3 goals during the test, and they were both chosen into Sao Paulo Youth. They became best friends since then.

Battle of World Youth ArcEdit

Soccer Cyborg Santana's Chapter

As Tsubasa is promoted to the top team, Pepe becomes the captain of Sao Paulo Youth. During the day of the final match of the Brazil National Championship between Sao Paulo and CR Flamengo, Pepe comes to the stadium to cheer for Tsubasa.

Chapter of the Asian Youth Championship

Later, Pepe gets a pro contract and is also promoted to the top team. As Roberto Hongo, Tsubasa's coach and mentor, is chosen to be Brazil Youth's coach, Tsubasa goes back to Sao Paulo's dormitories with Pepe, and the two practice together since, forming Sao Paulo's Golden Combi.

Tsubasa soon goes back to Japan to join All Japan Youth for the Asian 1st preliminaries of the World Youth, while Pepe is selected by Roberto to join Brazil Youth. Before the South American preliminaries begins, Brazil has a test match against Uruguay Youth. They completely crush their opponent, 10-0.

During the time of the 2nd round of the Asian preliminaries in Jakarta, Pepe goes to observe Tsubasa's play. He tells Tsubasa that if he keep playing at an Asian level, he will break his promise with Roberto since he won't be able to fight his way through the final of the World Youth. Thanks to that, Tsubasa goes back to his world first class level of play.

World Youth Tournament

Brazil easily win all 3 matches in the group stage of the World Youth. In the quarterfinals, they faced Uruguay, who they had beaten 10-0 earlier, again. Despite Uruguay's improvements, Brazil still win with a great difference, 6-0. They then proceed to beat Germany 5-0 in the semifinals, advancing to the finals with 30 goals scored, no goals taken, and their ace Carlos Santana achieving a hat-trick in every match. Pepe, however, doesn't make his appearance during those matches, despite already showing his potential.

Pepe first appearance in the tournament is at the beginning of the second half of the final match against Japan. His appearance is to strengthen the attack of Brazil. His combi play with Luciano Leo and Santana gives the latter a chance to shoot, and Santana manages to scores the opening goal with 2 successive shots.

Despite that, and their secret weapon Natureza's appearance, Brazil still lose 2-3 during extra time.

Road to 2002 ArcEdit

Pepe plays during Tsubasa's last match for Sao Paulo, against SE Palmeiras. Their combi play is efficient. Pepe also has a chance to shoot, but his shot hits the goal bar. Still, Tsubasa scores on the loose ball. The final score is 5-1.

Later, Pepe joins Kashima Antlers, a club in J-League, along with Leo.

During Antlers' match against Vissel Kobe in the J-League, the opponent Vissel scores first thanks to Kazuki Sorimachi and Kazuyoshi Miura. However, Antlers reverse the situation, with the 3 goals of Pepe, Leo and Atsushi Yanagisawa. Despite Vissel's effort to catch up, Antlers still manages to win with a score of 4-2.

Rising Sun ArcEdit

Pepe is part of Olympic Brazil. The team has a strengthening match against Belgium, and they swiftly crush the opponent, with Santana and Natureza achieving a hat-trick each.

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Abilities and Special techniques Edit

  • South American dribble: As a Brazilian soccer player, his play style have the characteristic of his country.
  • Sao Paulo's Golden Combi: Similar to Japan's Golden Combi, Tsubasa and Pepe can do efficient quick pass-based attack.
  • Twin Shoot (with Leo)

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