Real Madrid Club de Fútbol or Real Madrid (レアル・マドリードCF, rearu madorīdo CF) is the famous team and rival of FC Barcelona in "El Clasico" from the Spanish Liga whose stadium is Santiago Bernabeu Stadium.


Real Madrid first appeared in Road to 2002 manga and was the main team antagonist in the Overseas Fierce Fights - La Liga arc. The team captain is Blueno.


2001-02 Home


World Youth (1994) (epilogue)

  • Home: White collared shirt with purple collar and purple trim on the sleeves, purple shorts and white shorts. The sponsors are Teka and Kelme. This uniform was used by Real Madrid in the 1997 season in real life.

Road to 2002/Overseas Fierce Fights

  • Home: White collared shirt with three black stripes on sleeves, white shorts with three black stripes and white socks The sponsor is Adidas.This uniform was also used in Golden-23 and Kaigai Gekito Hen in Liga. This uniform was used in the 2001 and 2002 seasons by Real Madrid in real life.


2001 anime

  • Home (flashback): White shirt with grey collar, three grey stripes on sleeves and grey shoulder stripes, white shorts with three grey stripes and white socks. The uniform seems based on the uniform worn by Real Madrid in the 1998 season, albeit with grey replacing navy blue due to authoral rights.

It is unknown which name was given to Real Madrid in the 2001 anime, as Blueno was the only player who appeared, during Rivaul's flashback.


Former playersEdit

No. Pos. Player Nat.
MF Luis Enpoli [1] Spain

Current squadEdit

No. Pos. Player Nat.
0 MF Natureza Brazil
1 GK Callusias Spain
2 DF Michel Olgado Spain
3 DF Roberto Carolus Brazil
4 DF Blueno Captain Spain
5 DF Samuela Spain
6 DF Ivangel Spain
7 FW Rail Spain
9 FW Marientos Spain
10 MF Luis Fago Portugal
14 MF Gati Spain
15 DF Sergio Ramon Spain
16 MF Flavio Conces Brazil
24 MF Makelolo France

Guest charactersEdit

Tatakae Dream TeamEdit

Real Madrid (DT) 1

In Captain Tsubasa: Tatakae Dream Team, three former real-life players of Real Madrid appear as guest stars.

No. Pos. Player Nat.
3 [2] DF Roberto Carlos [3] Brazil
9 [2] FW Fernando Morientes [4] Spain
14 [2] MF Guti [5] Spain



  1. Transfered to FC Barcelona, which is Real Madrid's rival in the Spanish football League.
  2. 2.0 2.1 2.2 Real-life number in Real Madrid.
  3. Real-life counterpart of Roberto Carolus.
  4. Real-life counterpart of Marientos.
  5. Real-life counterpart of Gati.
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