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Rising Sun (RS) is the latest and current story arc of the Captain Tsubasa narrative. It takes place after the Golden-23 and Overseas Fierce Fights arcs, and mainly covers Olympic Japan's quest to win the gold medal at the Madrid Olympics. The storyline is published in the manga Captain Tsubasa: Rising Sun.


After qualifying for the Madrid Olympics, Olympic Japan, with the return of overseas players, are aiming for the Olympic gold medal.

Manga chapters that cover RS[]

No. Chapter name
1 "Liga's Glory" (リーガの栄光)
2 "23/33" [misspelt as "23/38" in magazine serialization]
3 "Champion's true worth" (強豪の真価)
4 "The Spirit to Cheer Up" (奮い立つ心)
5 "The Decision of the Overseas Group" (海外組の決意)
6 "In Waves! Overseas Group" (波状!海外組)
7 "The Chosen Ones" (選ばれし者たち)
8 "The Fated Drawing of Lots" (運命の組み合わせ)
9 "The Rest of a Soldier" (戦士の休息)
10 "The Madrid Olympics are beginning" (マドリッド五輪サッカー開幕)
11 "Michael's Miracle" (ミカエルの奇蹟)
12 "Camp Nou, the Dream Stage" (夢の舞台カンプノウ)
13 "Opening Art" (オープニングアート)
14 "Swirling! The Eye of The Storm" (渦を巻く!“台風の目”)
15 "The Other Genius" (もう一人の天才)
16 "Contest of Geniuses" (天才たちの競演)
17 "One More Golden Combi" (もう一つの黄金コンビ)
18 "Proof of growth" (成長の証)
19 "Dutch prestige" (オランダの威信)
20 "Stijn and Brian" (スタインとブライアン)
21 "Trap of lions" (獅子たちの罠)
22 "SGGK's gamble" (SGGKの賭け)
23 "Chain attack" (連撃)
24 "Argentina's superiority" (アルゼンチンの雄)
25 "Festival of glory" (栄光の祭典)
26 "A man called Diaz" (ディアスという男)
27 "Miracle Overhead 1" (ミラクルオーバーヘッド①)
28 "Miracle Overhead 2" (ミラクルオーバーヘッド②)
29 "Argentine cannon" (アルゼンチンの大砲)
30 "Deadly Corner Kick" (必殺のコーナーキック)
31 "End-to-end" (エンド・トゥ・エンド)
32 "Japanese Treasure" (日本の宝)
33 "Diaz's Trap" (ディアスの罠)
34 "Hand of God" (神の手)
35 "Betting on "Reversal"" (「逆転」への賭け)
36 "Surrounded" (四面楚歌)
37 "Mount Fuji and Lavender" (富士山とラベンダー)
38 "The Divine Surpassing the Miracle 1" (奇跡を超えた神技①)
39 "The Divine Surpassing the Miracle 2" (奇跡を超えた神技②)
40 "Adios" (アディオス)
41 "Warriors' celebration" (戦士たちの祭典)
42 "The Emperor's humiliation" (皇帝の屈辱)
43 "Bullet of fire" (炎の砲弾)
44 "The proud challenge" (誇り高き挑戦)
45 "Wall of steel" (鋼鉄の壁)
46 "The Brazilian ambush" (ブラジルの伏兵)
47 "Submarine vs. Hedgehog" (サブマリンvsハリネズミ)
48 "Full Metal Phantom" (幻の究極鋼弾)
49 "German hot bloodedness" (ゲルマンの血潮)
50 "Rainbow in the Riazor" (リアソールの虹)
51 "Burning right leg" (燃える右脚)
52 "Matchless workmen" (双璧の仕事師)
53 "Brazilian golden trio" (ブラジル黄金トリオ)
54 "High-speed dribble & shot" (高速のドリブル&シュート)
55 "Joao's signal" (ジョアンのサイン)
56 "Devil's left leg" (悪魔の左脚)
57 "Right? Left?" (右か? 左か?)
58 "The end of the great battle" (大戦終結)
59 "Vow of fierce battle" (激戦の誓い)
60 "Mexico Aztec vs. Spain" (メキシコ・アステカvsスペイン)
61 "Michael's prophecies" (ミカエルの預言)
62 "Surprise in San Mames" (予想外のサン・マメス)
63 "Devil of the field" (フィールドの悪魔)
64 "Engine" (エンジン)
65 "Opening play" (オープニングプレイ)
66 "The man holding the key" (カギを握る男)
67 "Page 15 and page 76" (15ページと76ページ)
68 "Coach Kira's objective" (吉良監督の狙い)
69 "Game intuition" (勝負勘)
70 "Mutual defense" (守り合い)
71 "South American training" (南米仕込み)
72 "Midfield supremacy" (中盤の支配権)
73 "First half's last..." (前半ラストの…)
74 "Half-time" (ハーフタイム)
75 "Coach Schneider's tactic" (シュナイダー監督の作戦)
76 "Penalty area" (ペナルティエリア)
77 "Once in a lifetime" (一世一代の…)
78 "Miracle of Riazor" (リアソールの奇跡)
79 "Serious Germany" (本気のドイツ)
80 "Wakabayashi's pride" (若林の矜持)
81 "Strong Defense Swift Attack"
82 "The Best Chance"
83 "Safety or Risky"
84 "Obstinacy vs. Persistence"
85 "Obstinacy vs. Persistence 2"
86 "Muller's Roar"
87 "Because of Furiousness..."
88 "Emergency"
89 "Fierce Attack"
90 "Momentum"
91 "Critical Offense and Defense"
92 "Trick Play"
93 "No Matter What"
94 "Predicament"
95 "2nd Round of Fortitude"
96 "Everyone's Resolution"
97 "Full Strength Attack"
98 "German Wall"
99 "The German Hold on Tactic"
100 "Until the Very End...!!"
101 "Not Yet!!"
102 "The Very... Last Shot"
103 "To The Extreme 30 Minutes"
104 "Seize the Initiative!!"
105 "Blue Rapids"
106 "Lightning Speed!!"
107 "Pledge to Break Through The Limits!!"
108 "Shoot!!"
109 "Dream vs. Dream"
110 "Just for Victory...!!"
111 "Forward----!!"
112 "Ambush!!"
113 "Fair and Square!!"
114 "Charge"
115 "Marking for Victory!!"
116 "Tsubasa is Coming!!"
117 "La Coruna's Legend"
118 "To Madrid!!"
119 "Decision"
120 "Do your Best, Japan!!"
121 "Promise"
122 "The Shock of Michael...!!"
123 "Zone"
124 "The 10 Versus 10 Theory"
125 "The Golden Age, Gathering!!"
126 "Clash of the Strongest Four!!"
127 "Michael's Truth"
128 "The Montserrat Tragedy"
129 "Sworn Friend Raphael"
130 "Reunion"
131 "With Raphael and Michael"
132 "Away"


  • The Rising Sun storyline has the longest manga run from all Captain Tsubasa arcs to date.
  • During the interview with ORICON NewS in September 2021, Yoichi Takahashi said that Rising Sun might be the final manga story arc, since there is a possibility that he will not be able to continue drawing, given his age. This is not an official announcement, however.
    • Also in said interview, it is suggested that the story will still continue on via the game Captain Tsubasa: Tatakae Dream Team, with Next Dream being the story arc that takes place after Rising Sun. Again, this is not an official announcement.