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Road to 2002 (RT) is the fifth story arc story arc of the storyline of the Captain Tsubasa series, which covers the events after the "Battle of World Youth" arc. It covers the manga Captain Tsubasa: Road to 2002 and also the second part of the 2001 TV anime.


Tsubasa moves from Sao Paulo FC to FC Barcelona in Spain's La Liga after the World Youth to continue his professional career, taking his childhood friend and now wife, Sanae with him.

Manga chapters that cover RT[]

The chapters listed here are how they were ordered and named in the original tankobon and in the 2006 Shueisha Jump Remix (SJR). The Bunko, SJR and other versions may use a different chapter, page length and name depending on the edition. Chapter number and name in the original tankobon has priority over other versions. In previous Captain Tsubasa manga, the chapters had the moniker "chapter of" (の巻) added to the name of the actual chapter. In the Road to 2002 manga, the moniker is changed to "Road" plus the chapter number prior to the name of the chapter (e.g. "Road 143"). This list doesn't add that information.

No. Chapter name
1 "The road to 2002!!" (2002年への旅立ち!!)
2 "The choice of a new team!!" (移籍先決定!!)
3 "The first blow!!" (最初の激突!!)
4 "Liga's baptism!!" (リーガの洗礼!!)
5 "First step in Barça!!" (バルサでの第一歩!!)
6 "Body of steel!!" (鋼鉄の肉体!!)
7 "Each one's season in!!" (それぞれのシーズンイン!!)
8 "1 on 1 trial!!" (試練の1on1!!)
9 "Tenacity for success" (勝利への執念!!)
10 "The secret of balance" (バランスの秘密)
11 "Violence!! Rivalry for a position" (熾烈!! ポジション争い)
12 "An invulnerable submarine!!" (鉄壁のサブマリン!!)
13 "Looking at 2002...!!" (2002年を見据えて…!!)
14 "Fierce Fight!! Bundesliga Opening Game" (激闘!! ブンデスリーガ開幕戦)
15 "Plunder regular position!!" (レギュラーを奪い取れ!!)
16 "Taro Misaki's decision!!" (岬太郎の決断!!)
17 "Only one for this place!!" (その場所は ただ一つ!!)
18 "Mind musn't be broken!!" (くじけぬ心!!)
19 "Beyond the bridge of hope" (希望の橋の先に)
20 "Serie A debut!!" (セリエAデビュー!!)
21 "Pry open the Catenaccio!!" (錠をこじあけろ!!)
22 "Beast's feast!!" (猛獣どもの饗宴!!)
23 "The best pass, the best shoot" (最高のパス、最高のシュート)
24 "Fierce Tiger vs Black Panther!!" (猛虎vs黒豹!!)
25 "Bet on this right leg!!" (この右脚に賭けろ!!)
26 "The ultimate weapon comes into play!!" (最終兵器 発動!!)
27 "DF pride vs FW pride" (DFのプライドvsFWのプライド)
28 "The fierce tiger won't die" (猛虎は死なず)
29 "From Japan to the World!!" (日本から世界へ!!)
30 "Everyone's desires!!" (それぞれの思い!!)
31 "Beginning of the miracle" (奇跡の始まり)
32 "Two aces!!" (二人の10番!!)
33 "Gang of the ministadium again" (ミニスタジアムのギャング 再び)
34 "Full strength football!!" (全力のサッカーを!!)
35 "End of the shock!!" (驚愕の結末!!)
36 "The stage of the reunion" (再会の舞台)
37 "The struggle starts!!" (死闘の幕開け!!)
38 "Hamburg takes the lead!!" (先制 ハンブルグ!!)
39 "SGGK's pride!!" (SGGKの誇り!!)
40 "Proof of progress" (進化の証明)
41 "Goal offered to his mom!!" (母に捧げるゴール!!)
42 "As an enemy, as a friend" (友として敵として)
43 "Breathtaking offense and defense!!" (息詰まる攻防!!)
44 "The late man!!" (遅れてきた男!!)
45 "The trap of circulating passes!!" (パス回しの罠!!)
46 "Start towards the dream!!" (夢へのスタート!!)
47 "Dragon's roar" (龍の咆哮)
48 "Raging dogfight!!" (荒ぶる空中戦!!)
49 "Wounded falcon" (手負いの鷹)
50 "My club...!!" (我がクラブよ…!!)
51 "Separate ways" (別れゆく道)
52 "50-50" (50-50)
53 "Beat the King!!" (王者を倒せ!!)
54 "Victorious shoot" (勝利へのシュート)
55 "Light and shade's thin difference" (紙一重の明暗)
56 "Away's baptism!?" (アウェーの洗礼!?)
57 "Beginning of survival" (サバイバルの幕開け)
58 "Fierce rivalries for the selection!!" (熾烈な代表枠争い!!)
59 "Fierce fight! J's golden age" (激闘! Jの黄金世代)
60 "120% Determined!!" (120%の決意!!)
61 "Fearful new weapon!!" (戦慄の新兵器!!)
62 "Indomitable fighting spirit!!" (不屈の闘志!!)
63 "Distant first step!!" (遥かなる第一歩!!)
64 "The coach's real intention" (監督の真意)
65 "Under the Italian sky!!" (イタリアの空の下!!)
66 "Dream within reach!!" (夢をこの手に!!)
67 "Hidden hidden plot!!" (ウラのウラをかけ!!)
68 "Instant of delight" (歓喜の瞬間)
69 "Choice called transfer" (移籍という選択肢)
70 "Hyuga's answer" (日向の答え)
71 "Move this body to the limits" (この身体 動く限り)
72 "To the promised place...!!" (約束の場所へ…!!)
73 "Departure to tomorrow!!" (明日への出発!!)
74 "The stage of the decisive battle" (決戦の舞台)
75 "Destined rival!!" (宿命のライバル!!)
76 "New determination!!" (決意 新たに!!)
77 "Common wish!!" (思いは ひとつ!!)
78 "Objective Serie B!!" (目指せ セリエB!!)
79 "Invisible Enemy!!" (見えない敵!!)
80 "The two football prodigies" (二人のサッカー小僧)
81 "Tsubasa can't fly" (飛べない翼)
82 "The weight of the game maker" (トップ下の重み)
83 "Taste of victory" (勝利の味)
84 "Strength of support!!" (応援を力に!!)
85 "The determination kept in the heart!!" (胸に秘めた決意!!)
86 "Spanish Derby" (スペインダービー)
87 "Fate's kick-off" (運命のキックオフ)
88 "First move struggle!!" (先手の取り合い!!)
89 "Spirit Of pros" (プロの魂)
90 "Counterattack begins!!" (反撃開始!!)
91 "Only confrontation!!" (勝負あるのみ!!)
92 "Destroy the white wall!!" (白き壁を崩せ!!)
93 "Marvelous newcomer" (驚異の新人)
94 "Blitz counter!!" (電撃のカウンター!!)
95 "Natureza's football, Tsubasa's football" (ナトゥレーザのサッカー、翼のサッカー)
96 "Natureza Lashes Out!!" (ナトゥレーザ縦横無尽!!)
97 "Fast succession of offense and defense!!" (矢継ぎ早の攻防!!)
98 "Fast evolving genius!!" (加速する天才!!)
99 "Counteroffensive chance" (反撃のチャンス)
100 "Barça's new control tower!!" (バルサの新司令塔!!)
101 "Ball's destination" (弾道の行方)
102 "Get the flow!!" (この流れに乗れ!!)
103 "Field's conductor" (フィールドの指揮者)
104 "Central Breakthrough...!!" (中央突破…!!)
105 "La Liga first goal!!" (ラ・リーガ 初ゴール!!)
106 "Camp Nou's tempest" (カンプ ノウの嵐)
107 "The coach's mind's eye" (監督の心眼)
108 "Mystery power" (神秘の力)
109 "Keyword is "Zero"" (キーワードは“ゼロ”)
110 "Crush the keyman!!" (キーマンを潰せ!!)
111 "No. 1 club's potential" (No.1クラブの底力)
112 "Pierce the wall!!" (壁を射抜け!!)
113 "Keep on attacking!!" (攻撃あるのみ!!)
114 "Attack of power and technique" (力と技の一撃)
115 "The plan to seal Barça!!" (バルサ封じの秘策!!)
116 "Harsh reality" (屈辱の現実)
117 "Barça's new lineup!!" (バルサの新布陣!!)
118 "Double control tower in action!!" (ダブル司令塔 発動!!)
119 "To the limits of his strength...!!" (力の限り…!!)
120 "Assault from the sky!!" (空からの強襲!!)
121 "Birth of the New Golden Combi!!" (新・黄金コンビ誕生!!)
122 "In motion!! New Golden Combi" (躍動!! 新黄金コンビ)
123 "Free system!!" (自由な形態!!)
124 "Attack...!!" (攻めてこそ…!!)
125 "Overcome the pain!!" (痛みに克て!!)
126 "Desire for victory" (勝利への想い)
127 "Natureza's trap" (ナトゥレーザの罠)
128 "Hot night in Barcelona!!" (バルセロナの熱い夜!!)
129 "Field "Aura"" (フィールドの“気”)
130 "Son of God's strength" (神の子の力)
131 "Don't give up!!" (あきらめない!!)
132 "1 on 1 contest" (勝負の1on1)
133 "Get past Natureza!!" (ナトゥレーザを突破せよ!!)
134 "Spirited attack!!" (魂の一撃!!)
135 "Entering loss time!!" (ロスタイム突入!!)
136 "The winning goal is...!!" (決勝ゴールを…!!)
137 "Two falcons...!!" (二匹の鷹…!!)
138 "Until the soul is exhausted!!" (魂 尽きるまで!!)
139 "Strong feelings" (強い気持ち)
140 "Victorious goal...!?" (決勝ゴール…!?)
141 "Last moment" (決着の瞬間)
142 "Time up" (タイムアップ)
143 "Tears and smiles" (涙と笑顔)
144 "Football is..." (FOOTBALL IS…)
SS "Kojiro Hyuga's story in Italy: The sun at the end of frustrations" (日向小次郎物語 in ITALY 挫折の果ての太陽) [originally five magazine chapters of Road to 2002 - Go for 2006 combined into a single long chapter for tankobon editions]