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For his real-life counterpart, see Roberto Carlos.

Roberto Carolus (ロベルト・カロルス, roberuto karorusu), commonly known as Robecaro (ロベカロ), is a Defender from Brazil.


He first appeared in Road to 2002. He's an overage member who plays for Real Madrid CF and has been part of Olympic Brazil and Brazil national team. He wears the jersey #3.


His name is a homage to Roberto Carlos, a Brazilian retired professional footballer.


Overseas Fierce Fights in la Liga[]

He appears as a defender of Real Madrid CF against FC Barcelona. Robecaro can try to score on a short corner from Fago, but Natureza might kick it at the same time for a twin shot that will end up being off target because Robecaro wasn't prepared. He can overlap and try to score directly on a pass from Natureza, but it might hit the goal bar. His team lost in the "El Clasico" final match of the Spanish football league (La Liga).

Robecaro ch6 (OFF) 1.png

Rising Sun arc[]

In the beginning of the saga, it was mentioned that Real Madrid CF was runner-up of La Liga championship, where they lost against FC Barcelona.

Madrid Olympics tournament
During the Madrid Olympics saga, he is a regular defender of Olympic Brazil.

Non-canon stories[]

Captain Tsubasa Millennium Dream[]

He appears against a match against Japan national team and Tsubasa, as part of a powerful Brazil national team commanded by Riveldo (homage to Rivaldo), Romaldo (homage to Ronaldo), Carlos Santana, and himself (homage to Roberto Carlos).


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