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South Korea Youth (韓国ユース, kankoku yūsu) is the South Korea national selection team who participated in the 2nd Asian preliminaries held in Jakarta. It is led by team captain Lee Yong-un.


South Korea faced Japan Youth in the qualifier rounds of the 2nd Asian preliminaries. The team is led by captain "Gentle Tiger" Lee Yong-un and has "Strong Tiger" Cha In-chon as their main offensive weapon.



  • Home: Red shirt with black vertical stripe on left side with a white vertical stripe and a white diagonal section at chest height, white collar, South Korean flag as emblem, white hoops on the sleeves, black shorts and red socks with white top. This color scheme is inspired on the Nike uniform worn by South Korea in the 1996 Atlanta Olympics qualification in 1995.
  • Away: White shirt with white collar with red border and blue squares, red, black, blue and yellow abstract pattern on the front and sleeves, white and red sleeve borders with blue squares, blue shorts with the same abstract pattern on the shirt and white socks. This uniform is inspired on the South Korean uniform worn in the 1994 Asian Games. In the manga this uniform was only seen in the pages where are shown the captains of the Asian Youth teams.
  • Second away: White shirt with blue collar, blue diagonal side stripes, red shorts and white socks, with blue shirt numbers. This uniform was worn against Iraq Youth.
  • Keeper: A dark green shirt with white collar, dark green shorts and white socks.

Captain Tsubasa: Tatakae Dream TeamEdit

  • Keeper: Black shirt with white collar, black shorts and white socks

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KLab's gamesEdit

South Korea Youth is introduced with extra players for filling in the gaps of a full 11-player squad for Cha Incheon and Lee Yong-un , with the following players created exclusively for the KLab games.

No. Pos. Player Nat.
2 DF Jang Chuk South Korea
3 DF Lim Hyeonsim South Korea
4 DF Ahn Jae-eun South Korea
5 DF Mun Gangpo South Korea
6 MF Park Go-yang South Korea
7 MF Choi Hongdae South Korea
8 MF Kim Hae-gang South Korea
11 FW Yoon Chun-ha South Korea

Results Edit

2nd Asian preliminaries (Group stage)
Kuwait Youth WIN N/A Group stage Round 1
Syria Youth WIN N/A Group stage Round 2
Iraq Youth DRAW N/A Group stage Round 3
Indonesia Youth WIN N/A Group stage Round 4
2nd Asian preliminaries (Final stage)
Saudi Arabia Youth WIN 2 - 1 Semi-Final
Japan All Japan Youth WIN 2 - 0 Final
World Youth Tournament (Group stage)
Mexico Mexico Youth WIN 2 - 1 Group Stage Round 1
Uruguay Uruguay Youth WIN 6 - 5 Group Stage Round 2
Italy Youth WIN 4 - 0 Group Stage Round 3
World Youth Tournament (Final Tournament)
Argentina Argentina Youth LOSS N/A Group Stage Round 1
Netherlands Netherlands Youth LOSS N/A Group Stage Round 2
Ghana Ghana Youth WIN N/A Group Stage Round 3

Members Edit

Lee Yong-un

#10 // F Captain
Cha In-chon

#9 // F