Stefan Levin (ステファン・レヴィン, sutefan revin), alternatively translated as Stephan Levin, is a Midfielder and captain of Sweden Youth and U-21 Sweden. He currently plays for FC Bayern Munich.


Once a kind person who loved soccer, after the death of his childhood friend and fiancée Katarina Karen, Levin's mind is filled with hatred and he completely changes. He only focuses his shots on destructive power and can go as far as injuring his opponents to win. But thanks to a twist of fate (the events during the match against All Japan Youth) he is able to revert to his former kind self.

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Prior to the Battle of World Youth Arc Edit

Levin was engaged to his childhood friend and lover Katarina Karen. They were supposed to get married and build a life together in Cologne, Germany after the national tournament in Sweden. Tragically though, one year prior to the events in the Battle of World Youth Arc, during the very day that Levin won the national tournament, after visiting a statue of a maiden goddess to wish for Levin's safety and victory, Karen became the victim of a hit-and-run car accident. Just before passing away, Karen manages to say her last words to Levin: "Your dream... realize it. Become the best soccer player in the world...".

Deeply injured in his heart, and feeling responsible for Karen's death, Levin changed drastically. He hated himself, and his love for soccer disappeared, as just playing soccer would make him think about Karen. Since then, he trained excessively, starting to develop a shot which completely disregard speed and only focus on impact power - which is later named after himself. With that shot, before going to Germany, he destroyed the statue that took Karen's life, and swore to do the same to anyone who stood between his and Karen's dream - him becoming the best player in the world.

Levin leaving for Germany to play in the Bundesliga was also part of Sweden's Viking Project, a project in which efficient players were sent oversea to assimilate the soccer of other countries, and at the same time, gather information about the players in those. Beside Levin, there were Brolin, Larson and Fredericks, who went to Great Britain, Spain and France respectively. This project served as a base for another one, the Victory Project, in which data of the opponents' players was thoroughly studied.

During his time playing for 1FC Koln in the Bundesliga, Levin encountered Genzo Wakabayashi in the match against Hamburger SV. Levin completely dominated the midfield, even defeated Hermann Kaltz, and created many shooting chances for his teammates. All of the shots were aimed at Wakabayashi's right, as a result the injury which had been earlier caused by Brian Cruyfford worsened. Later, Levin himself broke Wakabayashi's other hand with his Levin Shoot, forcing the latter to be subbed out.

Battle of World Youth Edit

World Youth Tournament

Levin's intention in the World Youth is to become the best player and then retire. Sweden purposely ties against Colombia and USA during the group stage, with Levin not playing those two matches, in order to avoid Brazil in the knockout stage. The first time he is among the starting members is also the last match of the group stage, against Germany. With his Levin Shoot, Levin injures both Deuter Müller and Karl Heinz Schneider. That, along with Germany being thoroughly studied, allows Sweden to win 5-3, with Levin scoring 4 goals. With 1 win and 2 draws, Sweden places second in the group and will face Japan in the quarterfinals, just as they have planned.

Just before the match against Japan starts, Sweden receives news that Hikaru Matsuyama will be absent from their opponent's lineup since his fiancée was involved in a traffic accident. Levin says that this is a sign of fate.

Just as the match begins, thanks to cooperative plays between Levin, Larson and Fredericks, they steals the ball from Shingo Aoi and then gets past Jun Misugi. However, Levin cannot shake free from Tomeya Akai, the one who replaces Matsuyama, and even loses the ball after being absent-minded for a brief moment.

Levin does manage to gets past Akai twice, but even then, his Levin Shoots cannot get past Wakabayashi, who has developed some counter tactics to withstand the shot. For the rest of the first half, the ball never reaches Levin again, since Akai switches to a more aggressive defense style.

In the second half, Levin manages to execute several Levin Shoots but all of them are physically stopped by Akai, which causes the latter grave injuries. After three successive shots, Tsubasa managed to recover the ball. Tsubasa makes it look like he is using the Levin Shoot against Levin to avenge Akai, but in the end he does not shoot after adding the rotation effect. He then makes a point to Levin by saying that he will never use that shoot, because the ball is his friend and he will never use it as a weapon to injure others. This shocks Levin into realizing the wrongness of his ways, remembering the time when the ball was his friend as well, and how kind of a person Karen was. He comes to the regretful realization that Karen would be saddened by the kind of soccer he has been playing.

As Levin finish his thoughts (while still staying in front of Japan's goal), his teammates manage to stop Japan's attack and send the ball to him. Even though the Japanese defenders moved up to join the attack, Levin is not offside since Akai fell and could not move, making the situation a one-on-one against the keeper. But instead of shooting, he kicks the ball outside the field in order for Akai to receive medical treatment. This event marks his redemption.

Being back to his former self, Levin abandons the destructive Levin Shoot to focus on the speed of the shot instead. Without the fearsome impact power, Wakabayashi easily stops the shot however. The score remains 0:0 until the end of the half, making the match enter extra time. At this point, Matsuyama returns to replace the injured Akai. As that means Matsuyama's fiancée has recovered, Levin feels glad for him.

During extra time, Matsuyama and Wakabayashi manage to take the ball from Levin. The counterattack eventually end with Tsubasa scoring the golden goal. Even though Sweden lost, Levin, having once again found the joy of soccer, withdraws his declaration of retirement.

Road to 2002Edit

Levin is now playing along with Karl Heinz Schneider and Xiao Junguang for FC Bayern Munich in the Bundesliga.

Bayern's opponent in the 5th round is Hamburger SV. Hamburg takes the lead very early in the game, thanks to Wakabayashi and Hermann Kaltz. As a result, Bayern use their Storm of Shoot, however Wakabayashi defends well. Levin decides to try using the Levin Shoot once more, as during the World Youth, Wakabayashi could only defend by punching the shot away, meaning his teammate Xiao will have a chance with the repelled ball. But to his surprise, Wakabayashi perfectly catches it. The first half ends 1:0.

In the second half, with the tactic of the coach - Schneider's father - Bayern eventually succeeds in scoring the tying goal by using the circulating shot, Dragon's Roar.

During the loss time, Hamburger SV is awarded a free kick. Wakabayashi goes up to do the kick, but Xiao clears it, and Schneider manages to reverse the score by converting Wakayabashi's Top Spin Pass into a shot, giving FC Bayern Munich the victory.


Levin has a minor appearance in this arc, when Bayern is shown to be in their top form, with Schneider scoring in five consecutive matches.

Rising SunEdit

Levin appears as a former U-21 Sweden representative, who did not classify in the Europe qualifiers for the Madrid Olympics Tournament. He is seen watching the live Football TV game between Olympic Japan and Olympic Germany.

Abilities and Special techniquesEdit

  • All rounder
  • Aurora Feint: A special dribble in which Levin appears to multiply seven times, just like the seven colors of a rainbow, which makes it harder for the defender to know how to defend. Also known as Feint of 7 Colors (7 Iro no Feint). Also used by Tsubasa and Natureza.
  • Aurora Curtain: A defensive version of the Aurora Feint. Levin multiplies himself in order to block the passage of the adversary.
  • Right Angle Feint (Chokkaku feint): The special 90 degrees dribble of Shingo Aoi.
  • Drive Shot: Levin used the drive shoot once when playing against Hamburger SV in the Bundesliga.
  • Leadership
  • Levin Shot
    Levin's Shoot
    A murderous shot that Levin developed. Instead of focusing in speed, the shot focuses in impact power. It has a great rotation effect that deals great damage of the opponent, like a pistol's bullet. With this shoot Levin broke Wakabayashi's left hand and severely injured the hands of Deuter Muller.
    • New Levin Shot: At the end of the match against Japan Youth, Levin disregarded the impact power of the Levin Shoot and made it a fast shoot instead.
    • Levin Pass: In Road to 2002 the Levin Shoot is adapted as a pass.
  • Dragon's Roar (Ryuu no Houkou) (Schneider, Levin and Xiao Junguang): Bayern's ultimate circulating shoot, created from Levin's Levin Shot, Xiao's Han Dou Shuu Soku Jin Hou and Schneider's Fire Shot.
  • Through pass: A pass by going through the rival's defense line, reaching a teammate, near the offside play. It's also called "deep pass".

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