Sweden Youth (スウェーデンユース, suwēden yūsu) is the team who participated in the World Youth tournament held in Japan.


Sweden is led by team captain Sweden Youth. The team faced Japan Youth in the quarter-finals round of said tournament.


1994 Away
Sweden 1994 away (FIFA)


Battle of World Youth

  • Away: Sweden's uniform is the 1994 FIFA World Cup version; which is white with blue and yellow collar and three blue and yellow horizontal stripes on both sides of the rib cage. They do not use the Home version.


World Youth Tournaments
Opponent Outcome Result Notes
USA Youth DRAW N/A Group stage Round 1
Colombia Youth DRAW N/A Group stage Round 2
Germany Youth WIN 5 - 3 Group stage Round 3
World Youth Tournament (Final Tournament)
All Japan Youth LOSS 0 - 1 aet Quarter-Final

Colors Edit

World Youth Manga:

  • Home: White shirt with blue-yellow-blue v-neck collar, blue-yellow blue sleeve cuffs, blue-yellow blue diagonal stripes on the rib area, being three on each side and Swedish national insignia on the center chest, white shorts with three blue-yellow-blue diagonal stripes on each side and socks with blue-yellow-blue hoops. This color scheme is based on Sweden away uniform worn in the 1994 FIFA World Cup.
  • Keeper: Green and blue shirt with black grid pattern, black shoulders and black round collar, the Swedish national insignia, black shorts and same socks as the other players.


Main SquadEdit

No. Pos. Player Nat.
1 GK Galeri Sweden
2 DF Mild Sweden
3 DF Thoma Sweden
4 DF Brolin Sweden
5 DF Nilsson Sweden
6 DF Rehn Sweden
7 MF Larson Sweden
8 MF Fredericks Sweden
9 FW Ljung Sweden
11 FW Ravelli Sweden
12 MF Stefan Levin Captain Sweden

Members Edit

Stefan Levin
Levin JY

#12 // MF Captain

#4 // DF

#8 // MF

#7 // MF


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