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Tadashi Shiroyama (城山 正, Shiroyama Tadashi) is the coach of Nankatsu SC and U-13 Japan.


Kids' Dream arc[]

After Wakabayashi got injured on his leg and was unable to participate in most of Yomiuri Land's match, Tadashi Shiroyama decided that Tsubasa Ozora should be the new captain.

He was coach of Nankatsu SC when they were champions in the 6th Yomiuri Land Elementary school tournament, won by the squad of captain Tsubasa Ozora.

Post Kids' Dream arc

Some point later, in the 8th Yomiuri Land Elementary school tournament, Nankatsu SC was again the champion, this time with the squad led by captain Shun Nitta.

Boys' Fight arc[]

Tsubasa met him once in order to gain some intel about Otomo's Shun Nitta abilities, since Nitta was the "savior" of Nankatsu SC after Tsubasa and the Golden Age left the club (to either enter middle school or leaving Nankatsu city).

Other appearances[]

Coach Shiroyama was also in charge of U-13 Japan for the U-13 International Tournament and The Great European Showdown.

Other data[]

Shiroyama has currently been coach of five generations of Nankatsu SC, maybe more. The generations known are the following:

  1. Nankatsu SC Golden Age; led by FW Tsubasa Ozora
  2. Nankatsu SC generation; led by FW Shun Nitta
  3. Nankatsu SC generation in Boys' Fight arc
  4. Nankatsu SC generation in Battle of World Youth arc
  5. Nankatsu SC Next Generation in Rising Sun arc; led by FW Daichi Ozora.