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Taichi Nakanishi (中西 太一, Nakanishi Taichi) is a giant keeper, representative of the Osaka Prefecture.


Having featured in the original manga, he is known as a substitute keeper for some Japanese categories. He is a giant player who was a challenging contestant in the 6th All-Japan Boys' Football Tournament. He also appeared as a minor character in the U-13 International tournament and commenting about Makoto Soda to Nankatsu and Hiroshi Jito in the first round of the 16th National middle school tournament. He has had very few appearances since then in the manga.


Kids' Dream arc[]

He appeared as a good keeper, with quick reflexes despite his large body. When he first met Tsubasa and Nankatsu SC in Tokyo, he said that since Wakabayashi wasn't there, the best keeper of the tournament would be him. However, in the match between Nankatsu and Naniwa, Tsubasa had proved that Nakanishi was way under Wakabayashi by scoring from outside the penalty area. The match ended up in a 5-1 victory for Nankatsu. Tsubasa told him that if he had put all his spirit properly into taking the ball he might have succeeded. He was named as the third goalkeeper in the top 20 players of the 6th All-Japan Boys' Football Tournament.

Boys' Fight arc[]

In middle school, their team aimed for the qualification for the third consecutive year nationwide, however they were defeated by Soda and the Azumaichi team.

Battle of World Youth arc[]

Saikyo no Teki! Netherlands Youth[]

In the prologue, Nakanishi appears as one of the members of Tatsunami high school with Makoto Soda, on a round of the National high school tournament in Japan against Hyuga's Toho Academy high school.

Golden-23 arc[]

Nakanishi didn't play, but was registered for one friendly match against Denmark. He ultimately didn't make it to the Olympic qualification team.

Rising Sun arc[]

Taichi Nakanishi appears once more as a spectator cheering up for Morisaki in the match between Japan and Germany.

Later, Nakanishi joins the Japanese team together with the Tachibanas, Nakayama, Kishida and Nishio to cover the multiple injuries that the team suffered in the match against Germany.

Other appearances[]

Nakanishi ep102 (1983) 1

Playing as a sweeper-defender

U-13 International Tournament arc[]

Nakanishi is a benched keeper, being the third option or U-13 Japan, being benched together with Ishizaki. In the training camp, he does play as a sweeper-defender since he plays as a defender against Tsubasa, who was playing as a forward in the opposite team.

Captain Tsubasa ZERO - Kimero! Miracle Shot[]

Nakanishi appears in the character roaster in Captain Tsubasa ZERO - Kimero! Miracle Shot.


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  • He is known as Theo Sellers in some European countries.
  • He is known as Borjini in some Latin American countries.
  • Taichi's tendency to stick his tongue to the side while talking and saving low shots is possibly a homage to Peko-chan

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