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Takeshi Sawada (沢田 タケシ, Sawada Takeshi) is one of Japan's players and part of the Japanese New Golden Age. He usually wears the number "15" jersey.


Despite being two years younger than most of them, Sawada has good dribble techniques and feints. He has played as substitute midfielder in Japan Jr. and Japan Youth, and has also being the captain of U-19 Japan (Golden-23) before being part of U-22 Japan and Olympic Japan.


In the 2018 anime, by the time he reaches Hyuga's final year of middle school, he wears orange cleats, which compliments Hyuga's red cleats, and also contrasts Taro Misaki's light blue cleats. He started off as a left-footed player, but two years later, he is able to fire crosses with either foot.

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  • His name is Ralph Mellow in the Latin American dub and Danny Mellow in some European countries.
  • He makes cameo appearances in episode 5 from Rosario + vampire.

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