Teppei Kisugi (来生 哲兵, Kisugi Teppei) is a substitute forward of Japan, a player of the J1 League, and main ace striker of the Shutetsu Trio.


Shutetsu Trio S2 (2018) 1

His best friend is Taki and they have always been together since primary school. Together with Taki and Izawa, the three of them form the Shutetsu Trio, with a one-two technique, which is a fast combination pass sequence to one another. The 13% of goals from Nankatsu are scored from the Shutetsu Trio in middle school.

Techniques Edit


  • Sliding Shot: The player runs up and slides into the ball without slowing down, launching it in a low, sharp trajectory.

Combination PlayEdit

  • Shutetsu Trio One-Two: A coordinated attack performed by the Shutetsu Trio―Izawa, Kisugi, and Taki. The three of them slip past the opposition's defenders using combination techniques that they've been perfecting together since elementary school.
  • Nankatsu Silver Combi

Games exclusiveEdit


  • His name is Johnny Mason in the Latin American dub and in some European countries.
  • He makes cameo appearences in episode 5 from Rosario + Vampire.


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