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U-22 Japan (U-22日本, U-22 nippon) is the Japanese selection team that represents Japan in the preliminary qualifier rounds in order to classify for the Madrid Olympics.


In this particular selection team, all overseas players were not called except for Wakabayashi, who was forbidden to play for Hamburger SV due to differences with his coach, and was the regular keeper and captain.[1]
Since Hyuga, Tsubasa and Shingo Aoi were not playing, the tactics and gamemaking were given to the "3M" formation, with vice-captain Matsuyama, gamemaker Misaki and tactician Misugi, as core of the Japanese team. Also this was the opportunity of having brand-new players which are not part of the Golden Age, former Real Japan 11 players, such as Yuji Soga, Gakuto Igawa and the "Futsal Combi" Furukawa and Kazami. Since Coach Kira was making many experiments for consolidating the team, and Wakabayashi

Japan ch1 (G23)

Also, Coach Kira gave Ken Wakashimazu the chance to alternate from keeper to the offensive with Shun Nitta, forming the "Wakadoryu Combi". This was because Wakashimazu had a shoot potential similar to Hyuga on grade school, and also because he had being training with Nitta in his father's dojo in order to develop new offensive techniques.

Results Edit

Practice matches Edit

Asian Olympics preliminaries Edit

2nd round

These matches are home-and-away

3rd round These matches are home-and-away

Practice matchEdit

For this match, overseas players made their return, such as Tsubasa and Hyuga, Aoi and Soga.

Squad Edit

No. Pos. Player Nat.
1/24 GK Genzo Wakabayashi Japan
2 MF Masao Tachibana Japan
3 MF Kazuo Tachibana Japan
4 DF Ryo Ishizaki Japan
5/15/32 DF Gakuto Igawa Japan
6 MF Jun Misugi Japan
7 DF Makoto Soda Japan
8 DF/MF Mamoru Izawa Japan
9/?? FW Kazuki Sorimachi Japan
11 MF Taro Misaki Japan
12 MF Hikaru Matsuyama Captain Japan
15/?? DF Hanji Urabe Japan
16 FW Mitsuru Sano Japan
17/1 FW/GK Ken Wakashimazu


18 FW Shun Nitta Japan
19 FW Hajime Taki Japan
21 FW Teppei Kisugi Japan
22 DF Takeshi Kishida Japan
23/21 GK Yuzo Morisaki Japan
25 MF Shinnosuke Kazami Japan
26 MF Kotaro Furukawa Japan
27 DF Shingo Takasugi Japan
30 MF Takeshi Sawada Japan

Other playersEdit

No. Pos. Player Nat.
5 DF Hiroshi Jito


9 FW Kojiro Hyuga


10 MF Tsubasa Ozora


20 MF Shingo Aoi


22 DF Yuji Soga


?? GK Taichi Nakanishi


?? GK Michel Yamada


?? DF Yuji Sakaki


?? MF Nobuyuki Yumikura


?? MF Takashi Sugimoto


?? MF Toshiya Okano





  1. Wakabayashi was the U-22 team's captain until he got injured in the match against Australia.
  2. Wakashimazu was registered as both goalkeeper and forward in the U-22 team.
  3. Jito was injured during the friendly match against Denmark. He later gave Gakuto the number "5" uniform.
  4. 4.0 4.1 4.2 4.3 Tsubasa, Aoi, Hyuga and Soga returned to join the practice match against Greece's national team.
  5. 5.0 5.1 Nakanishi and Yumikura were selected for the friendly matches, but didn't make it in the final 23.
  6. 6.0 6.1 6.2 6.3 Those players joined the training camp, but weren't selected at any points.
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