Who would you model your game? What position(s) would you be?

I would be a GK/DF, with huge tendency to parry shots. As I have small hands, I find catching difficult, so I learn to trap the ball in any way possible, or deflect the ball to hit the top corner of the crossbar. My goalkeeping mentors would be from an ice hockey/cricket background, and my techniques are mostly based on ice hockey and field hockey keepers.


Parrys instead of catch Great Body catcher Cannot be beaten inside the box Jumps off the wrong leg (like a basketball player, jumps off the right leg when diving to the left) Ground-based dribbler, often relies on combo help from a big, physical centre-back in the air. Sometimes takes penalties with the right foot (I'm predominantly left-footed). Always wears approved sunglasses or goggles when playing outdoors, but wears normal glasses indoors. Can't be nutmeged, either in goal or as a defender.