Uzbekistan Youth (ウズベキスタン ユース, uzubekisutan yūsu) is the national team that represented Uzbekistan, led by Zangiev.


Uzbekistan was present during the 2nd Asian Qualifiers Tournament during the Battle of World Youth story arc. Being in a team that follows European style football, the team has good physical strength. He was the one to challenge Tsubasa Ozora just at the beginning of the match and the one to score against Yuzo Morisaki.

Uniform Edit


  • Home: Blue jersey with blue and white long sleeved collar, three stripes on sleeves and white borders, white shorts with three blue stripes and white socks with three blue stripes on top. The captain armband is yellow. This color scheme is based on the uniform worn by the Uzbekistan team which won the 1994 Asian Games in Hiroshima.
  • Keeper: Green shirt with black shoulders and green polo collar, black shorts and white socks.


Captain Tsubasa J (1994 TV series)

  • Home: Blue jersey with white polo collar, white shorts with blue stripes and white socks with blue top.
  • Keeper: Red long-sleeved shirt with blue shoulders and red collar, black shorts and black socks with red top.

Synopsis Edit

Battle of World YouthEdit

2nd Asian Qualifiers Tournament
During the 2nd Asian Qualifiers Tournament, Uzbekistan Youth is in Group B, and has to face Japan Youth in the first match. As the match begins, Zangiev goes for a one-on-one against the Japanese captain, Tsubasa Ozora. Zangiev, with his power, seemingly wins the duel; however Tsubasa is still the one who keeps the ball. Japan scores the opening goal after that. The clash between him and Tsubasa damages Zangiev's leg, and as a result, he loses his brilliance. Zangiev even did not manage to beat Wakabayashi with his bullet shot, not being able to beat him (who uses his hands to repel the ball with his chest). As the match ends, Uzbekistan is completely defeated, 1-8.

Uzbekistan's next match is against Saudi Arabia Youth. Here, they cannot find a way to defeat Saudi's Antlion Larva's Pit Defense, and lose their second match in a row, 0-3.

As the group stage goes on, Uzbekistan gets another loss against China Youth, 0-2, and only manages to draw against UAE Youth. As a result, they are eliminated.

Results Edit

2nd Asian Qualifiers Tournament Edit

Group stage



No. Pos. Player Nat.
1 GK Khlestov Uzbekistan
2 DF Radchenko Uzbekistan
3 DF Nazarov Uzbekistan
4 DF Jekin Uzbekistan
5 MF Luzimov Uzbekistan
6 MF Tetradze Uzbekistan
7 FW Gaalin Uzbekistan
8 MF Zangiev Captain Uzbekistan
9 FW Popov Uzbekistan
10 MF Salenko Uzbekistan
11 FW Halin Uzbekistan