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Yorkshire Youth, usually referred to as Yorkshire (ヨークシャー) is a youth club that appeared in the Tecmo game series.


Yorkshire is the club that Hikaru Matsuyama plays for in Captain Tsubasa III: Kotei no Chosen.


Captain Tsubasa III: Kotei no Chosen[]

No. Pos. Player Nat.
1 GK Thomas
2 DF Blank
3 DF Ricard
4 DF McNeill
5 DF Baxter
6 MF Johnson
7 FW Kaser
8 MF Kent
9 FW Tell
10 MF Hikaru Matsuyama Japan
11 FW Jones


  • Unnamed coach


  • Judging from the geographical name, it is likely that Yorkshire in the Tecmo series was based on Leeds United F.C., as it is based in the city of Leeds, which is in West Yorkshire.