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Yoshiko Yamaoka (山岡 美子, Yamaoka Yoshiko) is the half-sister of Taro Misaki.


Since Yoshiko's mother Yumiko was estranged to Taro Misaki, Yoshiko did not have the chance to met him until they were both teenagers. Physically speaking, she resembles both her mother and half-brother.


Yoshiko is greatly open minded and straight-forward, different from Yumiko's and Taro's personalities which are more timid and reclusive. It was Yoshiko's perseverance which made Taro and their mother Yumiko to finally understand each other. Even so, Yoshiko not only loves her brother but is extremely grateful to him since he saved her life, risking his own life and also endangering his football career. With that said, she does not lose hope and always has a tender smile and joy towards her family.


Boku wa Misaki Taro special[]

A three-year-old Yoshiko made a short apperance with her mother, Yumiko Yamaoka, when Taro was about to live with them but he ultimately refused, deciding to leave with his father to France. It's implied that he did so because not only he didn't want to leave his dad, but believed that he may not really have a place with the Yamaokas since they had a daughter already.

Battle of World Youth arc[]

Having learned about Taro, a now pre-teen Yoshiko personally went to congratulate him over Nankatsu High School's latest championship, asking him to consider the idea of meeting up with their mother, who has never forgotten him. Her wish was granted some time later, when Taro visited their family home and, despite a somewhat awkward start, got along well with the whole Yamaoka family.

As Taro left to return home, Yoshiko kept him company in her bike. However, when she turned back to go home, she tripped and fell in the path of a bus. Taro quickly rescued her, but his left leg was nearly crushed under one of the bus' wheels. Yoshiko was devastated over it, understandably, but Taro never blamed her.

After the end of the preliminaries and before the World Youth Tournament, since Taro was injured from his leg, Ichiro decided to let Taro stay with the Yamaoka family during the whole tournament saga in order to recover. Taro was able to train his upper body and other leg while in recovery, and Yoshiko was amazed of him even more to do so, finally accepting the fact of her brother leaving the hospital to enter the field on the Tournament finals' second half against Brazil Youth.


  • The name Yoshiko means "beautiful" (美) (yoshi) and "child" (子) (ko).
  • Yoshiko's surname Yamaoka means "mountain, hill" (山) (yama) and "ridge, hill" (岡) (oka).